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Paint Correction 

The best paint polishing and swirl-removal services

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a skilled process that requires expertise, as improper techniques or the use of incorrect products can lead to further damage to the vehicle's paintwork. Professional detailers often use specialized tools and high-quality products to achieve the best results. The goal of paint correction is to restore and enhance the appearance of the paint while preserving the integrity of the clear coat.

Black Ford Mustang with heavy paint defects swirlmarks and scratches
Using a Griots Random Orbital polisher during a paint correction

Improve the appearance of a vehicle's paintwork by addressing minor imperfections and enhancing the overall shine. This procedure is less aggressive than full-scale paint correction and is typically used when the paint has mild defects that do not require heavy cutting or compounding. Post-polish, the vehicle will receive a sealant to protect the paint finish.


Starting at $350

Red Audi R8 in the sunlight

The paint correction process.

Paint correction is a multi-step process that aims to eliminate imperfections in a vehicle's paintwork, such as swirl marks, scratches, water spots, oxidation, and other blemishes that can mar its appearance. It involves the careful removal of a fine layer of clear coat or paint to level the surface and reveal the flawless finish underneath. While this may sound simple, it requires a deep understanding of various factors, including paint types, polishing techniques, and the use of specialized tools and products.

Classic Orange Ford Mustang restomod outside in sunlight after a detail and modesta paint coating

Lets protect your polished paint.

Alongside our paint correction services, we strongly advise applying one of our protective Modesta coatings. This additional protection will effectively prolong the lifespan of your freshly polished paintwork.

White Honda Civic Type R outside in sunlight after a detail and paint protection film
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